Creativity, Collaboration & Ambition to Innovate

Novateur Research Solutions specializes in breakthrough innovation and solutions for government and commercial clients. Our scientists and engineers are thought-leaders in their technical fields. We work at the forefront of innovation to enable transition from ideas to market by providing our customers the right blend of enabling scientific solutions, technologies, and product development expertise.

Innovation and research is central to Novateur's core business. By leveraging our in-house domain experts and a large network of academic and industry partners, we are driving innovation in the areas of biologically inspired intelligent systems, computer vision, ISR, data mining and predictive analysis, and intelligent health-care systems.
Novateur stands for Innovation. We value creativity, vision, collaboration, and above all, ambition to innovate. We are looking for Scientists and Mathematicians to join our research team and help us solve challenging scientific and computational problems in machine learning, computer vision, distributed computing, and related areas.